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Commitment and Ambition

Total Quadran Catalyst of the Energy Transition

Total’s ambition is to reach carbon neutrality in 2050. Total commits to operate, in 2025, 35GW of low carbon production capacities.

Total Quadran carries the Group’s ambition in France regarding the development, the construction and the operation of Renewable Energies assets.

To provide to the consumers a green electricity, with controlled costs, Total Quadrans relies on three commitments:

always propose the best solution

Propose the best electricity production solution – wind, solar or hydraulic – per local context

wind turbine solar panel 


The production of Green electricity implies the installation of wind turbine generators that follows a specific set up which considers wind direction, local constraints and regulations and landscape integration.
A wind turbine is an electro-mechanic device which uses wind power in order to operate a rotor therefore generating an alternating current injected into the grid.
The installation of a wind turbine is reversible. If needed, at the end of the operating period, the site finds its original state.

solar panels total quadran solution autoconsomation


The production of PV green electricity relies on the installation of PV panels or modules, on the ground or on a roof, which will generate, thanks to the sunlight and a precise orientation and inclination, a continuous current. This current will go through inverters to exit as an alternating current that will be either injected into the grid or self-consumed on site.
The installation of a solar plant is totally reversible. It is rather simple, fast with no impact on the landscape.
At the end of the operating period, fields and roofs can find their initial states and usages or a new installation can be built.



Hydroelectricity production uses water motor force. The conception of a hydroelectric plant, without water restraint, considers the height of the water fall and the water flow. Our plants provide continuously a green electricity which participates to the nationwide electricity production. 
A turbine coupled to a generator allows the transformation of the water flow in electricity injected into the grids. 

In some instance, for grid balance purposes, the production of green electricity can be coupled with storage solutions. The electricity is stored, managed and injected thanks to complex algorithms allowing a continuous distribution of electricity with no shortage.


In some instance, for grid balance purposes, the production of green electricity can be coupled with storage solutions. The electricity is stored, managed and injected thanks to complex algorithms allowing a continuous distribution of electricity with no shortage.


Total Quadran has multidisciplinary teams which master all stages of the asset lifecycle, from site selection to dismantling for wind, solar and hydroelectric.
A project, to be sustainable, must include more than its development and construction. A project lifecycle starts at site selection. Total Quadran selects its potential implantation zone according to strict specifications in order to reduce the environmental impact. 
Our environmentalist ensures that the development of an industrial project can coexist with local wildlife and flora, and of course the residents.
Our suppliers and subcontracts are qualified according to financial, local and environmental criteria.
Our experience in dismantling and repowering allows us to extend the field and asset durability. 
Only a perfectly mastered lifecycle allows the true production of a green electricity.

Our offices in France

Any project is co-built through a tight dialog with local players – elected officials, local and national administration, landowners, neighbors, local non-profit organizations and economic actors – in a perspective of sustainable development and creation of local added-value.
Total Quadran has strong territorial position and ambition through 17 agencies which operate over 300 production plants and assets.

Our commitment to be a major local economic development player can be illustrated by our national coverage. From Guadeloupe to New-Caledonia, from Flanders to the Riviera, from the Lorraine Region to the Tip of Britany, Total Quadran operates in numerous Regions of France Mainland and in overseas French Territories, where it develops, builds and operates its assets accordingly to the local environment and specificities.  

Frist operator in the French Overseas Territories, Total Quadran is amongst the world leaders in the operation of windfarms in regions with strong weather constraints and on complex grounds.

Total Quadran wishes, through crowdfunding mechanisms to involve the neighbors. A large proportion of our project opens to investment opportunities to residents and companies.
Click on this link to find all our crowdfunding campaigns.